Stock library

Our Stock library is dedicated to production companies, directors and event organizers on a smaller budget. You can still have an outstanding music design and a unique original piece for your film, video, presentation, event or web-design.

When you purchase music piece from our stock library you will receive a link with a mp3 and wave file for the chosen piece. 
We also encourage private use of our music for small events and celebrations, non-for-profit video presentations and personal enjoyment.
We offer four different license types, tailored to suit virtually any use of our music. Of course, we are open to discuss anything beyond the standard legal terms (e.g. number of copies to be sold, or customized changes to already existing pieces, territory of coverage).
Just contact us on regarding any of your quires.

Enjoy our music!

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Northern lights

Electronic, experimental track by Stoyan Stoyanov aka Storn


by Stoyan Stoyanov StoRn (vocal from Platinum R&B Urban Female Vocals Vol. 2 byPlatinum Hit Factory ORDER NUMBER: 216655)

Country strummer

Country/World instrumental, composed by Stoyan Stoyanov StoRn

Out of Shadows

Music by Stoyan Stoyanov - Storn

Nocturnal groove 1

Electro-acoustic lounge chill out instrumental

Nocturnal groove 2

Chill out, lounge track with a groovy beat

Brass blues

A big band sounding ballad with jazz elements, music composed by Stoyan Stoyanov aka Storn