Music production


In respect of our music production services it’s never been easier for our clients dealing with TV, Film, jingles, games and any broadcasting sphere, or costumers needing a single or music album creation.


If you are in Dubai or UAE – give us a ring and you will meet a high qualified composer with a long experience in music production and composition with high educational degree and outstanding skills.


If you are out of UAE you can simply e-mail us with all your requirements giving us a production type, then naming the style, genre, mood, tempo, may be giving us some references and you will get contacted right away with information regarding deadlines and fees.


There is no limitation in style and genre as you can ask for a techno/trance or pop/rock track for instance or may be a world/chill-out atmospheric sort of music with an influence from a particular region or country, or may be a soundtrack with beautiful and full string melodies accompanied by heavy and imposing brass chords.


May be we should have started with the fact that prices are attractive and will be set to your custom needs and you won’t regret your experience with us, but only enjoy the result.

If your budget is very limited we offer a solution for that as well. Please check our Stock library section, where you will find plenty of material which may fascinate you.