Music production



Media project, developed by Pixelhunters, music by Stoyan Stoyanov Storn - VST Music

Kia Carens experiment video

Fun experimental project with Kia Carens, video by Yavor Penkov, music by VST Music

3d projection mapping on a cake

Cake animation for Princess Jalila 9th birthday Client: Fractal Systems, project developer - Pixelhunters, Music - VST Music

I'm a woman - original music by Stoyan Stoyanov Storn and Miroslava Stevanic

"I'm a woman" Director - Iliya Atanasov Music - Stoyan Stoyanov Storn, Miroslava Stevanic Music Production and Arrangement - Stoyan Stoyanov Storn Lyrics - Miroslava Stevanic Motion Capture Dance Performance - Nina Nikolova Character Rigging and Anima